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Judge Wanda Dallas | Deputy Managing Editor


With 20 years of experience as an Attorney, Professor, and now Chief Judge, Judge Dallas has reached the apex of her legal career. In each of her roles, her desire has been to serve her community while bringing order and integrity to the legal system. Currently she is the Chief Judge over the Magistrate Court of Clayton County, supervising a staff comprised of Full time Judges, Part time Judges, a Chief of Staff, Judicial Assistants, Bailiffs, and other court personnel.

Graduating from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree as a Journalism/Political Science major was the perfect precursor for Judge Dallas’ pursuits. Her legal career began when she graduated from the University Of Tulsa College Of Law and passed the Georgia Bar exam in 1994. By 1995, she was prosecuting misdemeanor cases in numerous jury trials. Within three years, she became a senior trial attorney for the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. For 10 years as a trial attorney, she conducted jury trials of criminal misdemeanor and felony cases, including vehicular homicide, rape, armed robbery, and murder.

Judge Dallas served as a trainer/ faculty member for the American Prosecutor’s Research Institute (A.P.R.I.). She traveled to conferences and prosecutorial agencies around the country providing training and technical assistance to prosecutors. Due to her international success with crime prevention strategies, she was flown to South Africa and trained over 250 prosecutors and stakeholders concerning crime prevention strategies and crime reduction methodology.

She has consistently worked as an Adjunct Professor/Board Member for several local universities. For ten years, she worked for Georgia State University’s College of Law. From 2004 – 2005, she served as a board member for Atlanta Technical College. In 2008, she taught para-legal studies at Bauder College. In these positions, she honed her ability to create curriculum for use at a University level, while providing sound guidance and instruction to undergraduate and graduate level students.

During her tenure at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Judge Dallas worked as the Labor Relations manager. She supervised the H.R department and was responsible for the extensive background investigations needed to hire new officers. She managed 23 employees who performed payroll transactions for an agency of 1,000. She insured compliance with federal laws, including ADA (American’s with Disability Act), FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and Fitness for Duty policies. Her role was ultimately expanded to address grievance issues, sexual harassment claims, and litigation matters that could adversely impact the agency.

A strong desire to serve her community, especially youth, is evidenced by her work credentials and involvement in several service oriented organizations. She served as a Board member for the KIPP Ways Charter School; the Boys and Girls Clubs; and Destiny Family and Children Services. Additionally, Judge Dallas was an active participant of the Atlanta West End Rotary Club as both Secretary and Club President.

Contact: wanda.dallas@caribbeandigitalnetwork.com


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