Venezuela Sends Medical Mission to Antigua and Barbuda

SAN JUAN (Latin America Herald Tribune) – A Venezuelan medical mission has arrived in Antigua and Barbuda to provide eye care to hundreds of people at a hospital in the country’s capital, St. John, the government said Tuesday.

Venezuela’s Mission Miracle initiative provides medical assistance, including surgical procedures, to patients suffering from cataracts and pterygium, among other eye conditions.

“We expect to cover around 100 patients this week and in the coming five weeks, we expect to complete all the surgeries. Although it’s 347 patients, we are talking about over 500 procedures, as some people will have surgery done on both eyes,” Venezuelan Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda Carlos Perez said.

The Mission Miracle program started in Venezuela in 2000 and was expanded to other countries in 2005. More than 3 million people have been treated.